Koohii Kanji

A simple program to sort the joyo kanji into smaller groups and display information for individual characters

The main topic here is the set of 2,136 characters currently in the jōyō kanji list. This large group of characters comprises the core of the Japanese written language, and can be sorted into smaller groups based on different criteria. Individual kanji can then be selected to display character information such as reading(s), meaning(s), stroke count, and various encoding data. For many of the kanji an animated stroke order diagram shows the proper sequence and direction of its strokes.

Also included are some kanji and kana basics, an expanded table of hiragana and katakana, as well as a complete list of the current jōyō kanji. In addition, two images each displaying 400 characters are available for download. One uses a white kaisho font, the other a gold gyosho font. True kanji freaks might like them.

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Kanji & Kana Basics

This section is a very brief introduction to kanji and its main subset, the jōyō kanji. Also included are a few words about the native Japanese scripts, hiragana and katakana, together referred to as kana.

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Jōyō Kanji List

This is a complete list of the jōyō kanji on one page. Each character links to the kanji data page, which displays that character's reading(s), meaning(s), stroke count, and more.

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For completeness the kana characters are included. A table displays basic hiragana and katakana, as well as voiced and other counterparts of the unvoiced sounds.

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